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A True Witch's Diary

Ashley Dalloway

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I'm Ashley Dalloway. Yes, Ethan Dalloway's little sister. We don't look much alike, but he's still my brother. Well, we both have the signature Dalloway blue eyes, but so do all Dalloway's. I'm dating Luke and am a senior at HTH. So, a few facts:

Favorite song: "Breathe" by Yellowcard or "I Wanna Be Bad" by Willa Ford
Favorite color: I really like Black (yes I know it a hue), but I like really nice sky blue too
Favorite place: the big Dalloway library at home
Favorite food: I'd have to say tacos or anything spicey, like flamy spicey
Favorite class: Magic Spells 101

(OOC: I'm not Ashley Dalloway nor Melissa McIntyere, nor do I know Melissa. This is for RP purposes only. My real lj is kendrixaimeeoli.)